Eye Scanner Lock Screen Prank App


This app download from 9apps

If they want to collect Eye Scanner Lock Screen Prank app at free of cost without submit personal details, obsessively go by 9 app. This app filled by the list of the free tool to save over the mobile as well as start running without meeting any risk as well as trouble of it. This 9 app is updated by fresh tools at all time so it would be more comfortable for customer at all time. On using this tool, user will play by all fresh lock screens which are used as real phone lock. They will enjoy fun by this scanner as well as have trick by their friends as well as family member. It makes use as the telephone bolt screen. It well secured collect all portable. On the other hand it will make use to protect their information at all time.


  • On using this apps will give hand train their eyes for lock as well as unlock the hand device
  • It has option to enable this lock for major eye scanning
  • this tool , user will set this option which help to avoid using the mobile by unknown person
  • it designed among new scientifically of retina recognition
  • They will enjoy unlimited fun on it
  • It built by the natural code which never let to meet error on running
  • It is one of the top entertainment apps by file size of the 8.1M.


When come to download such file, it is important to go by new version .why because it built by the updated features as well as get new experience at all time

  • Version 1.12 apk
  • Version 1.11 apk
  • Version 1.10 apk
  • Version 1.9 apk

Therefore you have to visit 9 app as well as save   wish tool with making any payment at all time.